Christie Administration Expands Access to NJ WIC

As of November 6, 2017, grocery stores and other food retailers interested in being vendors in the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) nutrition program can now begin the application process online without being placed on a waiting list, allowing more families access to healthy foods closer to home.

In a press release, New Jersey Health Commissioner Cathleen D. Bennett stated, “Having more grocery stores accept WIC vouchers will provide thousands of families with greater access to healthy, nutritious foods.” To read the New Jersey Department of Health’s full press release, click on the following link.


Mobile App For WIC Participants

Grocery shopping for foods allowed by your WIC* program can be confusing. Much of the problem is from not knowing exactly what products you can purchase with your WIC benefits. The WICShopper app is here to help you shop with confidence.

When using WICShopper, you can check the WIC eligibility of products while you shop! In all of our supported WIC programs, you can use your phone to scan products to check their WIC eligibility. To learn more about the app and to download it, click on the provided link.

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